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4. The lymph node biopsy

I Got The Good Cancer

I had the lymph node biopsy on Thursday 11th July, just two days after seeing the haematologist.  On Tuesday night I had mentioned to my husband that tomorrow, I might call a friend who is a surgeon and works in the city.  My husband called him that night.  I was going to disguise his name for this blog, because I thought that was the done thing, but I figured if I am not going to insult him and I have his permission, why not use his real name?  Anyone who knows him would have worked out who I was talking about, and anyone who doesn’t know him still won’t know him when I mention his name.  His blog name was going to be Calvin Klein.  His name is Christian Kenfield, Mr Christian Kenfield.  Not a very creative disguise.

I worked with Christian at Geelong Hospital for several years beginning…

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